Need Tile Cleaning? Here’s Why you Should Call a Professional

professional tile cleaningGet the pros at Royal Touch Cleaning to really clean tile in your house. Here are some reasons why you should hire pros.

Proper cleaning is hard and expensive.

You clean your tiles regularly – A wipe down of the wall tiles and a mop over the floor tiles. That’s good, but to get the grime buildup removed and pull the dirt from the grout, you’re going to need professional equipment and professional cleaning supplies.

These do not come cheap. A professional grade cleaner runs from about $1,000 to nearly $4,000 depending on the model. Other, much cheaper tile cleaners can be bought, but these also do not deliver the same level of cleaning as a pro machine. Royal Touch has made the investment in these machines so you don’t have to.

You can do an intense cleaning with a hand brush. But do you want to spend all that time on your knees on a hard floor? You have better things to do. Let the pros take care of the hard work.

Restore the original look.

Tile ages, just like the rest of your house. Tiny scratches will catch and hold dirt, dulling the finish and even changing the color slightly. A professional cleaning removes all this debris. Our equipment even pulls dirt out of the porous grout. A brush won’t do that. It can even make things worse.

Sealing the grout requires experience.

Yes, you can buy grout seal to apply after a detailed cleaning. What happens if you get it wrong? Do you know how to remove the sealant if something is wrong? Can you do it without damaging the grout? Our crews are trained and have plenty of experience when it comes to sealing tile and grout after the cleaning job.

You have our guarantee.

If you do the job and don’t like it, you either live with it or you do it again. When you hire Royal Touch Cleaning, you are either happy or we come back and do it again at no charge. If you are still not happy, you get your money back. We’re that serious about doing it right.

Royal Touch Cleaning offers professional tile cleaning to the residential and business owners of Bensalem PA. Call (267) 338-6818 for free estimates.

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