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Carpet Cleaning Bensalem PA

Welcome to Royal Touch Cleaning! We are a full service cleaning company working out of Bensalem, PA. We have several full service solutions to help you and your family keep your carpet in the best possible condition for many years.

We have a team of technicians who have been trained to use the latest and best carpet care and cleaning equipment that is guaranteed to bring your carpet back to a condition that will rival a showroom look and feel. Only you will know the difference when you have company and friends come calling.

Best Carpet Cleaning Bensalem PA

There are lots of places that rent equipment for carpet cleaning, but this equipment is inadequate for a full professional grade cleaning using professional, commercial equipment. Royal Touch Cleaning has several options for the best results for you and your carpet. We can offer:

• Hot water removal – This is our standard procedure. Hot water churns up the dirt and grime and powerful vacuums send the mixture to holding tanks on our service trucks.
• Pre-treatment – We apply proprietary treatments that start working while we are getting things together.
• Furniture moving – There is no reason to get around the furniture; we go under each piece.
• Pet stains – Pet stains are more than the stain, there is odor; we take care of it.
• Spots – Most spots can be quickly and easily removed with the proper applications.
• Many other services that help get your carpet clean and presentable!

Carpet cleaning company Bensalem PA

Bensalem PA Carpet Cleaning Services

We are you friends and neighbors in and around Bensalem. We have been in business for many years because we follow the basic rules of good business: The customer is always right.

Looking to sell, moving in or just needing a carpet cleaning? Royal Touch Cleaning is at your service. Call, email or fill out the form, and we will come to your home for an initial inspection. This will give us a chance to look carefully at your carpet and devise a plan to clean it properly.

We look forward to working with you and establishing a solid business relationship with you. Be sure to check the other pages of our site as we have many additional services we offer.