Common Concerns with Pressure Washing

RoyalTouch Professional Pressure Washing Service

RoyalTouch Professional Pressure Washing Service

pressure washingWe at Royal Touch Cleaning are in this business because we have a deep admiration for a job well done and satisfied customers. It only makes sense that some of our customers have concerns and worries about what we do. This is normal; so if you are thinking of using our services and have questions, chances are this blog will answer them. Remember to give us a call about any of our services. We are always willing to answer questions you may have.

I am worried about my plants and shrubs; will your chemicals hurt them?

This is the most common question we get, and it is one we are glad to answer. All professional pressure washing services use some sort of a caustic (think lye or bleach) solution as part of the cleaning process. A common chemical is Sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) and is used in pools to kill algae. Alone, NaCIO is strong enough to kill anything biological and is very dangerous.

Professional pressure washing dilutes the chemicals, no matter what they are, to a solution that nullifies serious danger to plants and animals. After application and a full rinse, your plants are safe. Consider – if we did kill plants during our pressure washing services, it is highly unlikely we would manage to stay in business.

Will your services damage my home?

Absolutely not! We are professionals and take our work seriously. All of our technicians have spent time with our seasoned professionals learning the ins and outs of the trade before touching a pressure wand.

We are also insured well just in case of an accident. However, we have yet to file a claim with any of our services we offer and do not expect to do so in the future.

Let us know if you still have other questions or are wondering about pressure washing or any of our other services. We are always glad to give you a quote. Contact us on the site, email or give us a call today. We want to be your partner in the cleaning business.

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