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Carpet Cleaning Service Southampton PA

A lot of people in Southampton don’t know that Royal Touch is more than just a carpet cleaning company. We also clean tile, floor and wall, upholstery and have a pressure washing service. We expanded into these other areas because our customers wanted the same kind of quality work and professionalism that we bring to carpet care. We expanded into other areas and the response was tremendous. Now, we offer these services in Southampton as well.

If you’re not sure how much it will cost or how much cleaning work you need, please call us. We’ll be glad to give you an estimate and explain our scope of work. As always, your satisfaction is our only goal.


Getting your carpet truly clean means more than just a regular vacuuming. Running the vacuum over the carpet is very important, but it’s not enough. To get deep-down clean carpets in Southampton, call Royal Touch. Our truck-mounted cleaning equipment delivers superior results. You just cannot get your carpet this clean using a steam cleaner you rent from a department store.

Our system pulls out dirt, allergens, mold and mildew and odors When we leave, your carpet looks better, feels better and smells better. We guarantee it.


From spot stain removal to cleaning an entire couch, Royal Touch is the company to call in Southampton. We can remove stubborn odors too. If you have pets in the house, chances are good they will get on the furniture. That means pet smells.

Did you know one of the chief causes of allergies in your home is dust mites? Dust mites live in the fabric on your furniture. Royal Touch can come in and remove dust mites and help you breathe easier.

We also clean leather furniture. We know that leather requires special care and we have the equipment and tools to do it.


If the tile in your shower or the kitchen floor just not looking as good as it should? In Southampton, Royal Touch is the company to call for fast, efficient and results-guaranteed tile and grout cleaning. We come in and clean your tile and carefully clean the grout too. Grout is porous. Dirt and stains can seep into it. It takes special equipment to pull that stuff out and not harm the grout.


Give the outside of your house a bath. We bring all the equipment and cleaning solutions. You don’t have to rent a pressure washer. We’ll also clean your fence and any patio furniture.

We even do windows.