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    5 star review  Chris from Royal Touch Cleaning came to our house today to clean our berber dining room carpet and kitchen tile/grout for the holudays. He was punctual, professional, hard working and friendly. He did a fabulous job. I never thought the carpet and tile would look like brand new again! Thanks Chris!

    Christine Tunis-Janaski Avatar Christine Tunis-Janaski
    December 17, 2016

    5 star review  Royal Touch Cleaning - Chris - just finished cleaning my tile floors and shower stall and did an awesome job!! Chris was prompt, returned calls immediately and is so polite! Will definitely use him again! Thanks Chris!

    Stephanie Quinn Yeager Avatar Stephanie Quinn Yeager
    December 11, 2016

    5 star review  Chris is very respectful and does a wounderful job i highly recomend him

    Jeannie Amato Avatar Jeannie Amato
    February 7, 2016

    5 star review  We tried renting carpet cleaners and doing it ourselves with little improvement. A friend recommended Chris at Royal Touch Cleaning and he came out, explained his process and when he was done our home looked fantastic. I highly recommend Royal Touch Cleaning to anyone looking for a professional cleaning service.

    Rich Robotin Avatar Rich Robotin
    November 9, 2016

    5 star review  Royal Touch went above and beyond anything We could of asked for, not only are they very professional, they also informed us of every single step in their process.. They took the 15+ yr old carpet in the house we just bought and made it look brand new again. They have great pricing, you've dealt with the rest now deal with the best, you won't be dissatisfied that I can assure you

    Tony Davenport Avatar Tony Davenport
    May 20, 2016

    5 star review  Royal Touch provided cleaning and sanitizing of our rugs that had been marred by a few pet stains and was just overall in need of a good rinse. Chris was punctual, professional and he provided a caring touch to our home. The floors, walls, corners and stairs were all protected, as well as providing a front door screen to protect from the outside elements. He explained the process and the tools he was using and was knowledgeable about why we had our issues in the first place. Royal Touch provided us with the services of a corporate company with the care of a hometown small business.

    Marc Nikoden Avatar Marc Nikoden
    September 7, 2016

    5 star review  Chris at Royal Touch Cleaning was absolutely professional from beginning to end! We had 2 rooms cleaned that now look like new. Chris took his time to get every corner and edge and didn't rush through, he was very thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris and Royal Touch

    Terri Gasbarra Avatar Terri Gasbarra
    October 3, 2016

    5 star review  I moved into my house about 3 years ago , and my house has been under construction and I have three dogs . My carpets had rust stains and stains from construction stuff all over it and whatever my dogs tracked in or did to the rugs ! Thought they were ruined but after chris came and cleaned them they look brand new! I could not be any happier! Thank you so much !

    Danita Logan Avatar Danita Logan
    February 10, 2016

    5 star review  I had all the tiles through out the house cleaned and sealed today! Couldn't be any happier!! Amazing job would highly recommend this company.

    Colleen Kirner Avatar Colleen Kirner
    January 15, 2017