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If you live in the Newtown area and need a professional cleaning service for your furniture, carpet and the outside of your house, Royal Touch is the company to call. We’ve been servicing your neighbors’ homes for years now. They have come to trust and depend on the reliable and quality service Royal Touch offers. We’re also on time. When you set up an appointment, we’ll be there.

All our work is backed by our guarantee. You like what we do or we come back and do it again for free. If you don’t like the second job, you get your money back. We’re just that serious about making sure we get the job done right.


Every carpet in Newtown needs to be deep cleaned periodically. A thorough, professional cleaning from Royal Touch means your carpet stays in good shape. We remove stains, foul odors and allergens than can hide in your carpet.

You set an appointment. We come out with our truck-mounted cleaning equipment. You tell us what carpets to clean. We move the furniture if you want everything cleaned or we move just enough to spot clean problem or high traffic areas. Your choice. When we’re done, we move the furniture back. That’s right. We do all the heavy lifting.


From Dad’s recliner to the couch that everyone loves to take a nap on, Royal Touch is the company Newtown trusts to professionally clean upholstery. Just like carpets, we can spot treat or clean the entire piece. You decide. We can get rid of stubborn stains and strange smells. When we’re done, you can stretch out on your fresh-smelling couch and take the nap you deserve.

Got leather furniture? We clean that too. We have the equipment and special cleaners to restore your leather furniture.


Tile is pretty easy to clean. Even so, over time it can develop a hard-to-remove buildup. We know how to get your tiles looking as good as possible by removing that build up. Grout is the messy job. Dirt and stains can seep into grout because it is porous. Royal Touch has the special equipment to reach deep into the grout and lift out the dirt and other stains without harming the grout.


Give your house, fence and outdoor furniture a quality cleaning. Let Royal Touch do the heavy lifting here. You don’t need to rent a pressure washer. You just need to call us. If you want to know what it will cost, contact us for an estimate.