Carpet Cleaning Levittown PA

When it comes to getting the surfaces in and around your home in Levittown clean you can count on Royal Touch Cleaning. Many of your neighbors have called us and found our guarantee is not just words. We really mean it. We come. We clean. If you’re not happy, we come back at no charge. If you’re still not happy, you get a refund.


Carpet Cleaning Levittown PA

Before and After Carpet Cleaning Levittown PA

Cleaning carpets is what we built our business around. We clean carpets while you are home or while you are out doing things you want to do. We move your furniture* to clean and when we’re done, we move it back. Yes, we do all the heavy lifting! Our professional equipment delivers a deep clean, better than the clean you get by renting a steam cleaner from a department store. Our truck-mounted equipment also pulls out much more of the moisture than a rental machine can. This leftover water from a rental machine can create bigger problems than the one you tried to get rid of.


Our customers across our service region liked our carpet cleaning so much, they asked if we could do upholstery cleaning. Yes, we can. We’re cleaning couches, recliners, ottomans and other furniture throughout the Levittown area. Our professional staff knows exactly what to do to eliminate odors and pull stains right out of the fabric.

We even clean leather furniture. All our work is backed by our guarantee.


Cleaning tile is one thing. Cleaning grout is something a bit different. Royal Touch knows how to clean tile and the grout without damaging either one. You have to be careful with grout. Use the wrong materials and you can make the grout break down. That’s an expensive repair job. When we clean your floor, it’s going to look much better than it before. That’s our promise.


How does the outside of your house look? What about the fence? Got a green or gray mildew buildup? If you live in Levittown, you want your house to look as good as it can. Let Royal Touch come out and we’ll pressure wash your house, fence, outdoor furniture or whatever else that needs a heavy duty cleaning. When you call Royal Touch, we care of everything. We have the pressure washer. We’ll move the patio furniture. We’ll get through the bushes and shrubs to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Make sure your house looks as good as it should. Call now and schedule an appointment today for an appointment.

*If it’s an antique or has great monetary value we require the client to sign a waiver.