Carpet Cleaning Langhorne PA

If you live in the Langhorne area, you’ve probably seen the Royal Touch cleaning truck. Our truck has industrial equipment inside that we use to give your house’s surfaces a thorough and professional cleaning. All our work is backed by our double guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning in Langhorne PA

Carpet Cleaning Langhorne PA

First, you have our word that we get the cleaning work done right or we come back and clean it again for free.

Second, if you’re still not happy, you get your money back.

We are that serious about carpet, furniture, upholstery and tile & grout cleaning in Langhorne.


From spot cleaning stains to cleaning an entire room or your whole house, Royal Touch is ready to prove we can do the job right. Plenty of people in Langhorne have called us. They experienced the quality we deliver. Now, they call us any time their carpet needs a professional cleaning.

Our equipment stays in the truck. This allows us to use the most power equipment possible. Our cleaning system reaches deep into the fibers to pull out sand, dirt, stains, odors and allergens. Your carpet will look better and smell better when we leave


We clean upholstery too. We use the same professional care with your furniture than we give your carpet. If you are concerned about our cleaning process, we’ll treat a small hidden area of your upholstery. When you are satisfied that we can do the job without damaging your valuable upholstery, we’ll clean the entire piece.

If you have leather furniture, call Royal Touch. We understand leather requires special treatment. We have the cleaning supplies and tools to get it right the first time.


Tile floors are wonderful. They can be swept and quickly mopped. They don’t hold foul odors like carpets can. But tile and grout can also develop grime build up that normal cleaning can’t remove. If your tiles have lost their shine, then call Royal Touch. Our professional staff is trained to clean tiles without damaging the grout. That’s important. People who don’t know what they are doing can seriously damage grout. Then, you have an expensive repair bill.


Ever tried to operate a pressure washer? They can be loud. They can be messy. If you want to pressure wash something, you have to find a place that rents the machine. Then you have to get cleaning chemicals. Or call Royal Touch. We’ll come to your house and clean the siding, the fence and any patio furniture. You don’t have to move anything, rent a machine or deal with the hassle of running a power washer.