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Learning how you can clean hardwood flooring is critical for maintaining and protecting your gorgeous investment. Since grime and dirt cannot hide on hardwood flooring like they might on carpet, cleaning the floors might seem “high maintenance.” But, as you set up your own regimen, the best method of cleaning hardwood floors will not seem so challenging. Always consult with a professional first.

Daily Schedule – Sweep/Dust
Giving your flooring a good dusting using a microfiber cloth or mop is your best daily defense against surface damage and scratches. Oftentimes, microfiber cleaning pads utilize static electricity to trap particles, dirt, and additional household allergens. Utilizing a broom may also be effective, yet utilizing a broom just pushes the dirt around. As you want to clean the floors without causing damage, avoid lifting the microfiber mop up of off the floor as you clean—that way you’ll keep the dirt trapped upon the pad.

Week-to-Week Schedule – Mop/Vacuum
Weekly maintenance deals with the harder-to-reach spaces which a daily dusting cannot reach. Wet mops and vacuums are perfect for getting dirt out of problem spaces such as corners and the areas between each hardwood piece. But, using mops and vacuums come with additional caution as you want to clean flooring without causing damage. If the vacuum contains a beater bar, be certain it does not hit the bar floor. In addition, the wheels on the vacuum may destroy the floor. As you are using a mop, keep in mind that wood and water do not mix! Avoid placing excessive liquid on the floor. Lightly misting the floor using a hardwood floor cleaner is enough to give it an excellent clean.

Month-to-Month Schedule – Polish
With floors which have some type of protective sealant, it’s the finish which is getting the most attention as we clean—and not the actual hardwood. Polishing the floor will fill microscopic scratches in and will even out a flooring’s protective surface. Polishing the hardwood floor isn’t a hard task and may be performed with minimum effort.

Year-to-Year Schedule – Deep Clean – Call the Pros

With all of the abuse we place on our hardwood flooring, consider giving the floor a deep clean or refinish and sand every three to five years. Your hardwood refinishing professional will know exactly what to do so never start this process without calling them. Refinishing and sanding the floor will completely remove the old protective finish and replace it. If the floor has some deep gouges or scratches, refinishing and sanding may fix this damage, and leave you with immaculately clean hardwood floors.

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