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Feasterville PA Carpet Cleaning Company

Feasterville PA Carpet Cleaning Company

For professional cleaning for floors, upholstery and outside the house in Feasterville, call Royal Touch Cleaning. For quite a while now, Feasterville residents have called on Royal Touch when they needed the best in professional cleaning. When spots, stains and smells in the carpet and furniture gets to be too much, Royal Touch is there. When the mildew threatens to take over the vinyl siding or patio furniture, Royal Touch is there with pressure washing to make it look like new again.

Professional crew. Professional results. Our work is backed by our guarantee that you will be happy. If you are not, we come back and clean again at no charge. If you are still not happy, your money is refunded. That is how serious we are.


Not sure what it will cost to clean a carpet in a Feasterville home? Contact us. We’ll give you a price to spot clean, cover an entire room or your whole house. When you are ready to have the carpet really deep cleaned, then let us know. We come out and move any furniture. When we’re done, we move it back. That’s right. We do all the heavy lifting. You can stay at home or go out and run errands or enjoy some time to yourself while we work.

Our cleaning gets deep into the fabric of the carpet. We pull out all the bad stuff and leave you with clean, fresh smelling carpet.


When your furniture needs cleaning in Feasterville, Royal Touch is there. We bring the same level of expertise and experience to cleaning furniture fabric that we give to your carpet. We remove bad odors, stains and allergens. If you have pets in the house, then your furniture probably has some pet smells you want to get rid of. If you have small children, you probably have stains that need to be removed. Call us today.

Leather furniture? We do that too!


A quick mop is enough for tile on a regular basis. But when the level of grime builds up, a mop just won’t cut through that stuff. It’s time to call in the pros from Royal Touch. We’ll get those tiles looking good and protect the grout at the same time. If you live in Feasterville, your home deserves the Royal Touch.


Over time, mildew can grow on anything left outside. It can discolor vinyl siding and make patio furniture look terrible. Don’t try to rent a pressure washer. Call Royal Touch. We come and wash down the outside of your house, fences, sidewalks and more.