Why a Professional for Pressure Washing?

RoyalTouch Professional Pressure Washing Service

RoyalTouch Professional Pressure Washing Service

RoyalTouch Professional Pressure Washing ServiceIt is tempting. After a handful of quotes from local pressure washing businesses to run to the local DIY store and rent a system. It will save money and time, so you think. Time, maybe but save money? This remains to be seen. Read on to see why doing pressure washing yourself is not a bright idea and best to let Royal Touch Cleaning handle it for you.

  1. Proper machine and calibration – Pressure washing machines generate serious power and can do real damage to a home. Getting right up against the house to clean a window or some serious grime can result in pressure washing the house from the outside to the inside – not a bright idea. Besides, a professional will be insured in case this does happen, whereas you are on the hook for the bill otherwise.
  2. Costs hide all over the place – Getting to and from the DIY store will cost you gas; loading and unloading the machine will cost your back. Do you have the time to do the job completely in a day’s setting or do you need two or three days from work? Lost time = lost money.
  3. Risky – Besides what is said about the destruction of the home thing, what about the rest of your neighborhood and community? Do you have permission to run a pressure washer at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays when everyone is asleep or during the day when everyone is at work and school?
  4. Do you know what you are doing – A professional has the chemicals and understanding to take grime out for an extended period. Unless you get every bit of the gunk, grime and mold, it will return with a vengeance. Do it right the first time and hire a professional.


If you are in need of some quality pressure washing and are looking for the best in customer service, contact us at Royal Touch Cleaning for the best possible results and a competitive quote that will not break the bank.

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