Classifications of Water Damage and Water Categories

royaltouchcleaning-always-ready-to go-service

royaltouchcleaning-always-ready-to go-service

royaltouchcleaning-always-ready-to go-serviceNo one wants to have carpet water damage in the home.  If you do have water damage, no matter how small it looks on the outside, contact us at Royal Touch Cleaning to come and take care of your water damage.  It is best to have professionals take care of the water damage, which can prevent more serious damage.

What many may not realize is there is more to water damage than they think.  There is actually two ways to measure water – damage and classification.  This blog is going to look at each.


Water damage is broken into four classifications with each classification going from least to most severe damage.  Here is a quick primer on the levels of damage.

Class One – Often this level of water damage covers a very small portion of a floor with minimal soaking to the subfloor.  There may be minor amounts of moisture present.  Even if you have this class of water damage, do not think there can be no damage.  Keep reading to see why.

Class Two – A room with some soaking is present.  There may be some water damage which has wicked up the sides of the walls.  Damage on the walls will be approximately 24 inches high from the floor.

Class Three – Major damage, often from a leak in the roof that collapses.  The walls and ceiling is often damaged severely.

Class Four – Ever seen a television show, commercial or movie that features a flooded area of a home like a basement?  This is Class Four damage and will require significant skill and equipment to clean the area.


Water categories can manifest themselves at any level with damage classification.  It is wise to be careful with water categories and always err on the side of caution.  What may look like Category One damage may quickly escalate into something more severe.

Category One – This is water that has no real threat to health.  This does not mean the water cannot quickly change to a higher category, but at the present the water’s danger is absolutely minimal.

Category Two – There is now some contamination which can cause sickness or health problems.  Microorganisms, pathogens and the like may be present, but there is not 100 percent certainty.  Category two is certainly cause for alarm.

Category Three – Imagine a leaking sewage system.  This is Category three level.  There is an absolute chance of serious sickness through bacteria, microorganisms and more.  There may be toxins and other elements of serious harm in the water.  Professional removal is necessary.


Be sure to contact us at Royal Touch Cleaning if there is concern for water damage.  It does not take long for water to do damage to a home or cause health problems.  We want to be your partner in water damage cleanup.

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