Bamboo Flooring



Royaltouch-hardwood-flooringThe green movement certainly has many different facets.  One of the largest elements of the green movement is bamboo flooring.  It makes good sense to use bamboo.  It is easily sustainable and much more friendly to the environment than traditional hardwood flooring options.  There are lots of people who do not know about bamboo as a flooring material, or they have a misconception about the material.  This blog will address some of these misconceptions and possibly help you make the decision for bamboo as a hardwood flooring choice.

No matter what you select for flooring, Royal Touch Cleaning is there to help keep your home’s hardwood floors looking as good as the day the flooring was first installed.

1. Bamboo is friendly – As stated above, bamboo is quite possibly the most green friendly of all hardwood floor types. Actually a grass, bamboo grows at a rate of up to a foot a day. Planted, the shafts can grow to 50+ feet and be ready to use in as few as five years.  It can take hardwood forests up to 60 years to reach maturity for flooring materials.

Cutting and harvesting bamboo does not kill the plant, unlike hardwood trees.  New shoots grow within a short time and the cycle can repeat.

2. Panda safe – Panda bears eat bamboo, but the bamboo used in flooring is not a variety of bamboo panda eat.

3.Bamboo is one of the most durable materials – Many mistakenly think bamboo is soft and not appropriate for kids and pets. This is not the case. Properly woven, bamboo becomes one of the hardest, most durable flooring materials made.  It is highly scratch resistant and keeps up well against spills and accidents.


No matter what sort of flooring or carpet you have in your home, Royal Touch Cleaning can help keep your floors in top condition with our state of the art equipment, top technicians and the promise of the best service in Bensalem, Pa.  Call us today for a no-nonsense quote.



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