7 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Bensalem

Carpet Cleaning Bensalem

carpet cleaningIf your carpet needs a deep cleaning, then think of having the pros at Royal Touch Cleaning take care of it. Here are a few reasons why a professional service makes sense.

1. Carpet cleaning is a science. It’s a combination of the carpet, what it is made of, the stains and smells in it and what chemicals can be safely used to get rid of the mess.

2. Carpets can look the same, especially after a few years of wear, but they may not be the same. Different manufacturers have slightly different processes for the carpet construction process. They also use different materials. This matters. Something that is safe and works well on one carpet can ruin another.

3. Stains matter too. A professional carpet cleaner has seen just about everything. We know what it takes to get that junk out of your carpet and restore it. The same goes for funky smells.

4. Low moisture. A carpet cleaning machine rented from a department or grocery store uses a lot of water. This is good. Water won’t harm your carpet. The problem is these rental units can leave a lot of water deep in the carpet. Now that is a problem. Mold and mildew can set up, creating worse odors and even destroy your carpet. The pros use equipment that leaves your carpet much drier than rental units.

5. We do the work. Seriously. We do the work. You don’t have to spend time dragging heavy equipment from room to room and then haul it back to the store. Call Royal Touch and make an appointment. We’ll be there on time. Show us what you want cleaned and you can leave it to us. If you need to leave the house, you can even do that.

6. Sanitary. We leave your carpet much cleaner that it was, of course, but our system also pulls germs and allergens out of the fibers. Your carpet gets an intense cleaning.

7. Guaranteed. We stand behind our work. Period. When we’re done, you are happy or we come back and recline or free. If that’s not enough, we’ll refund your money. Your satisfaction is our goal. Our reputation rides on every cleaning job we do.

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